As gas prices are skyrocketing lately, there is a need for you to get more out of the ones you get for your car. You can simply achieve this but changing some of the old driving habits you have imbibed in the past. These days, it’s more important than ever to stretch your dollars and we’re here to help you with 12 tips to make your car as efficient as possible:

Shop Around

  • Going to the nearest gas station at the end of your block may be very convenient but the real convenience comes at a price. Especially for people who get gas regularly. Gas prices vary among stations and often, the gas stations closest to big roadways have higher gas prices. Try to find more affordable gas prices by searching online or use the GasBuddy app to simplify your search.

Use a Gas Credit Card

  • Gas credit cards offer rewards and discounts for spending on fuel. There are tons of gas reward cards that allow you to earn points as you spend at the gas station. Points can then be redeemed for cash back or other items. Gas station rebate cards allow you to earn rebates based on how much gas you purchase from a particular brand. Many major credit cards participate in these types of deals and can help you offset your gas spending with rewards and rebates.

Get a Tune Up

  • One of the most important keys to getting the most out of your vehicle is to maintain the vehicle properly. Your gas mileage can be improved by up to 4% by regularly tune ups of the engine. Don’t forget your air filter! A clean air filter can improve your gas mileage by as much as 10%.

Clean Out Your Car

  • Your vehicle is not supposed to be a storage container as some people turn their vehicles in to a closet or a garage. Make sure you give your vehicle appropriate clean ot in order to prevent extra consumption of gas by your car. By lightening the load and removing excess weight your car will be more efficient on fuel.

Tighten Your Gas Cap

  • Until you hear a click, keep twisting the gas cap. Fumes have the opportunity of evaporating with a loose gas cap and this would cause hurt to the fuel economy of your car. If your gas cap is missing or broken, it may be worth it to have it replaced.

Cruise Control

  • We all have places to be and appointments to make. Driving over the speed limit is not only unsafe but it can decrease your fuel consumption by 7%. Not to mention, by driving the speed limit you can avoid a hefty speeding ticket that’s sure to set you back hundreds.

Clean Your Windows

  • Your car is less aerodynamic when the windows are opened when you are driving at a high speed and this can decrease fuel efficiency by up to 10%.  As much as we all like a nice breeze, keep your windows closed when driving at high speeds to be a more efficient traveler.

Smooth Sailing

  • Try as much as possible to avoid brakes unnecessarily by driving smoothly. Slamming on the gas when you the light turns green and you are in a hurry is an easy way of emptying your gas tank faster than your expectation. Accelerate moderately and gradual stops will help you cut gas consumption in your car as much as 35%.

Pump It Up

  • Take care of your tires and make sure they are inflated properly, especially when the weather changes. The temperature outside affects the pressure inside your tires. Be sure to check your tire pressure periodically because under-inflation can cause a 2.8% drop in fuel efficiency.

Map It Out

  • It is quite easy to map out our routes ahead of time and find the shortest or fastest route to where we are going with the aid of technology lately. Mapping out also involves checking out the traffic along your route and to adjust according to the amount of gas in your vehicle.

Cash Is King

  • More would be charged at gas stations if you pay with a credit card rather than cash. To avoid being charged additionally for using credit card, visit the ATM weekly to get some cash for your gas.