After making the decision of taking a second or a third job so as to be able to sustain your budget or in order to meet up with your savings or debt; you can as well make it a process you enjoy. A fun side job can bring in extra cash and doesn’t need to make you miserable. When you look in the right places, you can often find extra work that appeals to your outdoorsy self, artistic side, or even your love of children.

Another part is when you love working with animals. As scarce as taking a part-time job working with animals may seem, there are more opportunities in related fields than you may realize. There are some suggestions below for side gigs working with animals to get you inspired for your job hunt.

Poop Scooping

This is not really dealing with puppies directly but it helps them and their owners out. There is also an average of $45 an hour to be earned here and at your own pace.

Pet Sitting

This can be a pretty lucrative side business especially when done regularly. Most pet owners these days are looking for a more personalized experience for their pets than just taking them to a kennel and dropping them off when they have to go out of town. You can decide if you offer your services in coming to the owner’s home, or you can allow the pets to stay with you in your home. A website that can help you get started with your pet sitting business is

Dog Walking

This gig is good for you and the dog as everyone gets fresh air and exercise. You can set your own hours for this service typically and the jobs can range in payment up to $20 an hour.

Pet Photography

This is for people with camera skills, and better yet if you have a knack for getting Fido to sit still and pose for pictures, you should consider doing some professional pet photography. This would require more than just a smartphone camera to take pictures but the average cost paid per session is $175.

Pet Store

Good help is always needed in pet stores. You can apply to one of your local pet stores for a part time position. With this position you will be able to work with animals and animal lovers.

Animal Grooming

You can either apply to work for a groomer or advertise yourself as an independent pet groomer. Either way, this job tends to pay well with hourly base pay and tips. Who wouldn’t want to work with sweet pups and cats and make them beautiful?

Animal Blogging

If you love writing and animals, consider combining the two interests into a blog. If you are able to contribute content regularly to your blog, you can build up a regular readership; monetize your blog by allowing ad imprints or signing up for Google Adsense.

Obedience Training

Training pups is a helpful service to them and their owners; you could find this job rewarding in more ways than one. On average, dog trainers can earn about $11.50 an hour. BarkBusters.Com is a good place to check out for joining and providing in-home dog training services local to your area.

Veterinary Assistant

This job can be a very rewarding one as you get to assist animals need, provide love and care for them. You will also be able to help with procedures at the clinic. No schooling is required typically for this job but you can provide good experience if you plan on furthering your career in the fields of animal care. Hourly pay on average is about $15.