Whether you are starting from scratch or want to add a bit of flare to your apartment, furnishing your place can be expensive! Furniture can get expensive, especially if you are trying to update your whole place. However if you know what you want, where to go, and when to buy then you can turn an expensive burden into something manageable for your budget!

Make it Practical Functionality can also be chic! Especially if you are in a smaller apartment like a studio. While the individual item might be more costly for one piece of furniture, since it can have multiple uses you end up saving money in the long run because you achieve the same results as multiples pieces of furniture!

Shop ElectronicallyIdeally you can do a mix of shopping online and shopping in person. You can scope out the best deals and see a variety of options right in front of you when you are online but then you should try to see the pieces of furniture in the store that you’re looking at. However if you are trying to be a super saver you can strictly get items from online sellers so that you can have a wider variety of online options (since not every online seller has a physical location to test the feel and comfort of the furniture.) However these are aspects to keep into consideration!

Know When to Best to BuyYou should know the market trends when buying furniture! A majority of retailers tend to introduce new furniture and products in April and October every year. This means that during these time frames in order to make room for the new furniture they will have sales to clear out the old furniture! Another good time to buy furniture in is around holidays like black friday, cyber monday, memorial day, etc.They tend to do sales around holidays and events so just keep your eye out during these times. Obviously every store is different but that’s just a good rule of thumb to follow.

K.I.S.S!Keep It Simple Silly! When decorating your place, if you want a bunch of unique big pieces of furniture then that will usually cost more money. A majority of consumers are looking for a more simple and sleek look so when you are looking for unique items, demand and supply is low which means a higher price. However, that’s just for large pieces of furniture, if you still want unique pieces then doing so with accent items like curtains, rugs, etc,. are much more manageable!

Don’t Buy Name BrandsWhen you finally have your new place, you will want only the best. However, the reality of that, is that you are only paying for the name brand. Not much else. There are plenty of couches or pieces of furniture that look similar to the designer brand while not hurting your budget! A lesser known brand does not equate to a lack in quali


Opt for Used FurnitureThis should be done with caution! However, when getting second hand furniture you greatly reduce the costs! Keep in mind though, if you are getting second hand upholstery then, to be on the safe side you need to have a professional clean the furniture to make sure there are no infestations on your pieces! Also give an “air out” time period of a few days before bringing the furniture in your home.

When furnishing the place you’re living in, it can get pricey. However, there are options you can do that will help you save a decent amount of money while still achieving the look you want! Happy shopping!