It seems like everything costs more these days, so it’s important to identify those things that can be reduced. Your cell phone bill is no exception to this. While eliminating it is not an option because of our heavy reliance on our phones and the fact they do add safety to our lives, it is possible to lower the bills.

The following are 6 things that you can do to potentially lower your cell phone bill and keep more money in your pocket.

Don’t Finance Your Phone

In recent years, wireless companies have started allowing their customers to finance their phones. The monthly payment is added to the monthly service bill. If possible, consider an older model phone and save for a more expensive phone down the line. Wireless providers still offer quality phones for free with a contract or for a few dollars. It’s a very small sacrifice for savings that adds up.
Consider this: If you finance phones for 20 years, you are paying approximately $18,000 in phones. That’s a lot of money!

Monitor Your Data Plan

Keep track of how much data you use. You might have a data plan that doesn’t use what you are paying for. If that’s the case, opt for a smaller plan that is cheaper.
To cut your data usage so you can opt for a smaller plan, download podcasts at home over Wi-Fi before going somewhere, download music, and try not to stream content. You can go to your settings and set your apps to not automatically refresh. You’ll be amazed at how much your bill will shrink when you reduce data usage.

Comparison Shop

Don’t be afraid to compare companies and plans before making a commitment. Most cell phone contracts are for two years, so you want the best possible deal with the best coverage during that period. Watch out for small print that says the provider can raise your bill whenever they please.

Try Prepaid

One way many people are saving is through non-contract phones. Prepaid phones allow you to pay as you go while still giving you access to really good devices. Such providers as Republic Wireless and Consumer Cellular offer prepaid phones and plans. Some of the big names also have prepaid options.

Look for Discounts

Check with each carrier to see if there are discounts for your company. You will be surprised how many corporations have made arrangements for discounts for their employees. The savings can add up over time.

Family Plans

If you need to have more than one cell phone in your household, family plans pay off. You can add each line for just a few dollars a month. Cell phone companies love families, so they give them the best deals.
This is because a family plan means more phones and it’s more likely that the contract will be fulfilled because there are multiple lines at stake.
Remember, though, the smallest amount of savings can add up over time. Don’t let just a few dollars here and there deter you from making a move that could save money over time. Plus, you’ll feel a lot better when you are trimming down your spending.