When you move into an apartment, it can feel very “cookie cutter.” In a sense that means it lacks originality and creativity. However, when you’re renting, your options for the ability to decorate may be limited. That’s why it is important that you know 25 ways to decorate that is rental-friendly and easy on the budget:

  • Hang some fake vines on your walls or windows to get jungle chic
  • Get a real plant! Decorate the pot and choose a plant that is easy to take care of!
  • Change all the doorknobs in your house. That may sound silly but you add a bit of
    personal touch to every door
  • You can add an extra layer of flair by matching your kitchen handles with the door knobs to show that you have an eye for design
  • Instead of installing lighting, it is easier and cheaper to get a stylish floor lamp. You also have the option to change out the lamp shade whenever you want
  • If you need some type of coverage on your windows then you can get some cute stick-on window film! This offers a pop of expression while still being utilized for its intended purpose.
  • Got damaged wood that needs fixing but can’t afford the proper way to fix it? Just get some wood contact paper to cover up any damage in the meantime!
  • Put temporary tattoos on tiles all throughout your house to add a bit of accent color
    Get a bookshelf! You can fill it with books, knick-knacks, pictures, or whatever else you want to display
  • Create a temporary backsplash in any area of your home that has tiling! Stores have temporary tile options to stick in your kitchen, bathroom, etc.
  • Want a more rustic look? Add some faux brick to your house! These are similar to the tiles and are easily reversible
  • Need extra space in your closet? You can add a removable shelf to add some vertical storage
    Want to add a little flair to your bedroom? Add a canopy to get that extra fancy feeling when you sleep
  • Hang lights around your apartment or even on your brand new canopy!
    Just like the stickable brick and tiles, you have the option for stickable marble! Upgrade your kitchen with some simple accents!
  • An accent rug can be used in many ways! The latest trend is have some super fuzzy faux fur rugs on a chair or couch to add a nice accent to any room
  • Got Venetian blinds? Swap those out with bamboo blinds and be amazed at how instantly the room changes
  • Want a cute decal on the wall? Throw some decals on the walls for as long as you want. They are interchangeable so you can always update it whenever
  • Want some snap flooring that can cover the old flooring? Snap flooring is the best way you can achieve this!
  • Swap out the legs of your coffee table to something more chic like hairpin legs! You can renovate your furniture easily
  • An interactive decoration is a peel-and-stick chalkboard so you can write down daily tasks and even doodle on it
  • Want a laundry room but have no space? You can add a three tier drying rack on any door to maximize counter space
  • Do you have light switches? Perfect! Now look to see if you have lightswitch covers. You can screw those on and off and customize them how you wish
  • Got drab walls? Well fix them up with some beautiful and unique wallpaper! You can easily put on and take off whenever you want!
  • Improve your bathrooms with a new faucet! You can swap out any drab and leaky faucet with a new one that perfectly matches your new backsplash tiles
  • Decorating an apartment while renting can seem like there are no options, however you actual have quite a few! Happy decorating!